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Hello! I guess I should make this as simple as possible. I am a crazy cat lady who enjoys reading.


I am a complete bookworm! I always have been and I presume I always will be. I enjoy reading for leisure as well as professionally. I am open to reading just about anything- especially recommended. I do love reading about things that enhance my imagination and help me become more knowledgeable.


While I must confess my love for reading "hard books", I know it is not great for the environment for which I am very passionate about. So, to improve my environmental "footstep", I loan out books and buy recycled books.


I also live in one of those wonderful communities where people have outdoor public bookshelves. The whole "take a penny, leave a penny" method of books has really evolved. Though I am making it a personal mission to "accomplish books" and have a wonderful personal library, I have found that my obsession of loaning out books all too kindly will prevent such from happening. In my case, at the expense of a dream library, I would much rather share the wealth of books with my peers.


Please check out my space and feel free to comment, provide recommendations, or just say hello!



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